"Innovation is a product of creativity."

 - ASU president Michael Crow

Learn Why ASU Was Named The Most Innovative College In The Nation.

ASU was ranked the most innovative school in the nation, above schools like MIT and Stanford. That's because we work hard to create ways for students to get the most out of their time at the university, whether it's using technology creatively or providing unique research and funding opportunities.

Check out some of the reasons ASU is #1 in innovation:

ASU is where innovation thrives

Starbucks College Achievement Plan - This program started out covering tuition for juniors and seniors who worked 20 hours a week. Now, it will cover a four-year bachelor's degree for eligible Starbucks employees.

ProMod: Project-based, module learning - Funded by a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, this program allows students to earn class credit through project-based courses, working alongside fellow students and faculty.

me3 - For teenagers who are exploring their career options, this application is a combination personality quiz and career advisor that will help guide students in the right direction for their futures.

Technology in the classroom - Large lecture classes integrate new technology and web-based software so professors can check on student progress, see what concepts students struggle with, and connect with a big class.

Global Freshman Academy - Anyone can take ASU freshman courses online in order to earn credits that will transfer to ASU and other institutions.

Arizona Technology Enterprises - Ranking in the top 10 for startups, licensing agreements and invention disclosures, AzTE manages ASU's intellectual property in order to translate research from the university into real-world applications.

eAdvisor™- Students can monitor their progress toward their degree with this online tool. The program allows students to see what classes to take and which semester to take them, and be alerted if they've gone "off-track."

Accelerated degree programs - ASU students can graduate in nearly half the time of a regular four-year program with a selection of accelerated degrees.

New majors - The creation of new majors allows students to get degrees that are relevant to the evolving job market. Just one example is the new master's of science in business analytics, the first of its kind in the U.S.

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