A College and Career Planning Tool

College and Career Planning Resources for Parents and Educators

Through a fun and interactive online game, ASU is empowering students to plan their future by charting an academic pathway from high school through college. Using me3®, students identify their interests and pair them with possible careers and majors while planning their high school coursework to prepare for college and fulfill college admission requirements.

Using the Education and Career Action Plans tool embedded within me3®, the dashboard aids high school administrators and counselors in tracking their students' progress and matching their interests to college majors and careers. Schools can use the dashboard to see how many students may be interested in a specific career field or to see which students are completing their ECAP..

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Benefits of a College Education

Having a college degree gives your student more freedom to direct their life and find work that they will enjoy. According to the College Board’s 2010 Education Pays report, people with a higher level of education have greater job satisfaction than people who only have a high school diploma. In addition, studies show that people with college degrees:

Develop high self-esteem. Earning a college degree takes dedication and hard work. It is something that no one can ever take away from your student. Knowing that your student has what it takes to start something and finish it successfully is priceless.

Lead healthy lives. College graduates tend to have better physical health and greater life expectancy than those who do not go to college. Higher education can give your student the ability and desire to make healthier choices.

Create a lasting legacy. Your student’s college degree doesn’t just have positive benefits for them, it can also affect the potential success of their future family, children and community.

The me3® materials packaged for download are intended for educators in the United States of America only.