Introducing Sunny

What is Sunny?

Sunny is a chatbot that uses a knowledge base to answer your questions about ASU. You know how Siri and Alexa can answer lots of your questions? That’s basically how Sunny works — except Sunny only answers questions about ASU, not the current weather or nearest coffee shop. And Sunny doesn’t speak, only texts.

What if Sunny can’t answer my question about ASU?

Sunny knows a lot about ASU, but no chatbot is perfect. If Sunny doesn't know an answer, a real human will read your question and get you an answer within 24 hours.

Will my texts to Sunny be read?

Yes. All texts, even those that Sunny can answer, are reviewed by humans to ensure accuracy and continually improve Sunny’s knowledge base.

When will Sunny text me?

Sunny will be proactively texting you throughout the semester. You can also always feel free to text Sunny a question anytime you need additional support.

Can I opt out if I don't want texts?

Of course! Sunny is meant to help. If you don't want to engage with Sunny over text, just text STOP at any time.

Can I update my phone number?

You can update your phone number on the Profile tab in My ASU.