“Your biggest challenge in college is finding out who you are.”

Find out what ASU students say about their perceptions of college before they got here, and what they found to be true as they get ready to graduate.

Learn to Thrive

Find out what ASU students say about their future careers, being transformed and changing the world

You probably have a lot of reasons to go to college. To expand your horizons. To prepare for your career. To start building your network. To get ready to take on the world. But the world can be unpredictable. It’s constantly changing, evolving, progressing. So at ASU, we equip you with the skills to learn anything your entire life. No matter what obstacles the world throws at you, you’ll have the tools to conquer them and come out thriving. We call it being a master learner, and once you become one, you can go anywhere you want to in life.  Learn to thrive.

Inspiring future explorers

“I actually get to work on a rover that’s going to Mars.”

ASU undergrad Jessica found inspiration in her professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration, Lindy Elkins-Tanton – one of the first women to lead a NASA deep space mission.

Encouraging global leaders

“I want to be the voice for people who are marginalized, for the people who are left behind.”

Naruro is a refugee with an extraordinary story of survival, resilience and rediscovery that began in war-torn Somalia. She is majoring in history, minoring in philosophy and African studies, and has pursued certificates in religion and conflict and political thought and leadership, with eyes on becoming a human rights lawyer.


“Basically, I’m trying to heal the world’s oceans.

The biggest problems in the world cannot be solved alone. With help from his professor, ASU doctoral student Charles Rolsky is turning his passion for the world’s oceans into a plan of action to save them and inspiring more students along the way.

33 Buckets

“I went to ASU because I wanted to change the world. The thing I never would have expected was how the world would have changed me.”

World problems don’t get much bigger than the global water crisis, but innovators from Arizona State University have created a purification system and distribution model that can help millions of people in developing nations.


“I needed something more…”

After a successful career in the Marine Corps, Cliff needed more in his transition to civilian life. Find out how he discovered a way to continue his lifelong commitment to serve his community.

#1 in the U.S. for innovation

ASU ahead of Stanford and MIT

– US News & World Report, 5 years, 2016–2020

Top 1% of world's most prestigious universities

– TImes Higher Education

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